11 Plus Mock Exams 2019 (CEM & GL Style Tests) – Bradley Tuition
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CEM & GL Style 11+ Mock Exams

Sitting An 11+ Mock Exam

We offer the highest quality ‘CEM-style’ and ‘GL-style‘ 11+ mock exams in the Berkshire and Buckinghamshire areas.

In August 2020 96% of the Bradley Tuition 11+ mock exam results (pass or fail) matched the children’s results in the Berkshire CEM 11+ test 2020.

The test papers we use are 100% original and are not available on the market. They have been created and edited by a group of qualified teachers and experienced 11+ tutors. This means that they are of the highest quality and contain questions that we expect to be of a similar level of difficulty to the real CEM/GL 11+ tests.

We will not be inviting any external students to sit mock exams in 2021. Mocks this year are exclusively available to students enrolled on our course. We will be back with a whole new and comprehensive mock exam range in 2022. Feel free to download the sample papers below.

We want to assure parents of the quality of our 11+ mock exams. You can download a free sample paper below. The questions included in the sample paper are of a similar style and difficulty level to the questions that will appear in the Bradley Tuition 11+ mock exams. The questions that appear in the sample paper will not appear in the Bradley Tuition 11+ mock exams.