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11+ Tuition

The 11+ Explained

GL Assessment

The Slough Consortium, Kendrick School and The Buckinghamshire Grammar schools all use GL assessment as their test provider. The format, contents and standard of difficulty of these tests are all the same. The GL Assessment test format is explained below:

Technical English and Verbal Reasoning

This involves comprehension, spelling and grammar questions. There are 21 common VR question types that are generally tested by GL. The vast majority of these question types can be solved using a logical technique. Some of the common question styles are listed below:

  • Synonyms
  • Coding
  • Alphabet reasoning
  • Homonyms


The maths usually comes in the form of short, word problems.

Non-verbal and Spatial Reasoning

This section requires the use of logical reasoning to solve questions involving pictures and shapes. Some of the common question styles include:

  • Odd one out
  • Completing the grid
  • Codes
  • Similarities
  • Series
  • Folding paper
  • Finding the hidden shape

Berkshire (The Slough Consortium)

The Slough Consortium consists of four schools: Langley Grammar School, Upton Court Grammar School, St. Bernards Catholic Grammar School and Herschel Grammar School. Students wishing to apply to any of the four schools must register with the consortium. The four schools operate collectively for the purposes of administering the 11+ test. The test provider is GL Assessment and the test follows the same structure as outlined above.

Berkshire (Reading Grammar Schools)

There are three other grammar schools in Berkshire which are located in Reading: Kendrick Girls school and The Reading School and The Reading Girls School. These schools act independently for the admissions process and set their own individual tests.

The Kendrick 11+ paper is set by GL Assessment and follows the same pattern as The Slough Consortium and Buckinghamshire test.

The Reading School sets its own test which is referred to as a FSCE 11+ test. This test involves each child sitting three separate papers: English, Maths and Creative Writing.

Reading Girls School is a partially selective school with 42 of 180 places being offered to students that meet the selection criteria. They use a computer based CEM Select 11+ test as their exam. It lasts one hour and tests a mix of English, maths and NVR.

Slough Grammar Schools Gender
Hershal Grammar School Mixed
St. Bernard’s Grammar School Mixed
Upton Court Grammar School (formerly Slough Grammar School) Mixed
Reading Girls School Girls
Reading Grammar Schools Gender
Reading School (no longer part of the consortium) Boys
Kendrick School Girls


Buckinghamshire is one of the only counties in the UK that operates a fully selective secondary school education system. All students attending a Buckinghamshire primary school are automatically registered to take the 11+ test. There are 13 grammar schools in the region, all of which use the same 11+ test. The exam is set by GL Assessment and the follows the pattern detailed above.

Schools Gender
Aylesbury Grammar School Boys
Aylesbury High School Girls
Beaconsfield High School Girls
Burnham Grammar School Mixed
Chesham Grammar School Mixed
Dr. Challoner's Grammar School Boys
Dr. Challoner's High School Girls
John Hampden Grammar School Boys
Royal Grammar School Boys
The Royal Latin School Mixed
Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School Mixed
Sir William Borlase School Mixed
Wycombe High School Girls