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  • I was very impressed with Niall and all the team at Bradley Tuition. The classes are well run and very open. Parent are encouraged to attend at the end of each sessions to see how their child is progressing. Niall will actively make sure each and every child in the class is involved in the lesson. Homework is well structured with clear instructions for students and Parents. I would highly recommend Bradley Tuition !!!

    Ash Rathod Avatar Ash Rathod
    27th January 2020

    Our daughter Jayna completed the Year 4 and 5 11+ tuition courses and passed both the Bucks and Berks exams. The course materials were very similar to the exams and prepared her for both exams. The feedback was great from the team and they always made time to listen to parents and their questions each week.

    inderpal sangha Avatar inderpal sangha
    2nd January 2020

    My son passed both 11+ exams .We're really appreciated coming to Bradley tuition and the caring,stimulating learning environment you've created there. Thank you for your hard work this last yrs in helping my son.He has really enjoyed.We'll 100% happily recommend your tuition to others.It has been an outstanding tutor,very professional and excellent teaching skills.I just wanted to thanks you for to Hywel and Niall team. Rahul's parents

    sunita heer Avatar sunita heer
    12th December 2019
  • Bradley tution is a great academy for 11 plus preperations. My daughter really enjoyed Bradley tution and always looked forward to the next lesson. A big thank you to the entire Bradley team for their excellent coaching which helped my daughter to crack 11 plus exams this year!!

    neethu prabhu Avatar neethu prabhu
    8th December 2019

    Very talented teachers and good material, Bradley Tuition really helps my son to achieve the results.

    Jayaram Hanumanthu Avatar Jayaram Hanumanthu
    30th November 2019

    What a great job ,,Niall and his team are just the best. The support was unbelievable for my son Very stressing at times ,but the approach that Bradley Tuition team comes across is just FANTASTIC. My son passed both his Berkshire and Bucks exams thanks to the amazing team .

    Kevina Navaratnam Avatar Kevina Navaratnam
    29th November 2019
  • My son took coaching from Bradley Tuition, Langley. Niall Bradley was his teacher. I can't recommend him enough. He has been very attentive to the requirements of the child, maintained a good relationship with the child. His style of teaching was perfect. And, he made sure children were never too stressed or over-burdened by pressurising them to work more than they need to for the exam. The study material he provided was good and just as required. I would definitely recommend Bradley Tuition and surely consider this for my next child, as well. Thanks Niall and the whole the Bradley team!

    Santosh Potnuru Avatar Santosh Potnuru
    28th November 2019

    Highly recommended. We could not have asked for a better tuition class for our daughter. Throughout the 2 year course we were always filled with confidence in the tutors' abilities to bring the children up to capable levels and then to exceed expectations. The results are proof of this. Our daughter enjoyed the class so much that she actually misses it now!

    Tarun Bithal Avatar Tarun Bithal
    28th November 2019

    Highly recommend Bradley Tution...That was the best choice I made for my son..He passed both berks and bucks 11+ exams with brilliant scores and got place in Langley Grammar. The team is very professional, exceptional teaching skills and very supportive tutors. Special thanks to Niall, Hannah and rest of the team ?

    Mr Singh Avatar Mr Singh
    2nd March 2019

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