Covid-19 Response - Bradley Tuition
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Covid-19 Response

Our Tuition Centres Have Reopened

2020/21 Courses

We have now reopened our tuition centres and we are conducting face-to-face sessions for all 11+ students. All 11+ students will now have their main lesson at one of our tuition centres each week, as well as an additional one-to-one session via Zoom.

2021/22 Courses

You can find more information on exactly how next year’s 11+ courses will work by clicking the relevant link below. We have in-centre options as well as a remote learning option for Year 5 students.

Year 4 11+ Foundation Course

Year 5 11+ Course

Year 5 11+ Remote Learning Course

Covid-19 Precautions

We have implemented Covid-19 precautions including taking all children and staff’s temperatures before they enter the building, using laser thermometer devices. We have measured out all classrooms to ensure social distancing is maintained at all times.

We have allowed ample time before, after and between all classes to ensure the classrooms can be properly sanitised and children can enter and exit the building safely.

We have carried out a detailed risk assessment at each venue and will be outlining Covid-19 guidelines that all parents and students must agree to adhere to.

How to Join

1. View Course Information

Ensure you have read through the course information which details how each of our courses are structured. Click the link to navigate to the course you are interested in.

Year 5 11+ Course

Year 5 11+ November Start Course

Year 4 11+ Foundation Course


2. Book A Free Assessment

We offer all prospective 11+ students a free assessment. You can find more information on our assessments and book one online here.

It is not compulsory to attend an initial assessment and places cannot be reserved while you await the completion of the assessment. If you wish, you can skip this step and enrol online now.

3. Online Enrolment

You can view a list of the classes that we have available and enrol online here.

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